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Use Blind CVs to improve Employer Branding & tackle Unconscious Bias

The 10X Diversity programme is part of FairHire's mission to help all employers create a level playing field by using automated Blind Hiring. You will be joined by 10 selected mid-sized organisations during their busiest period of recruitment, and have the opportunity to benefit from enterprise-level diversity and applicant tracking solutions at a nominal cost.

We will offer successful applicants the opportunity to use the FairHire Bling Hiring platform as much as they want for three months starting from January 2020. At the end of that period, we would work with the participant companies to generate a national report on the impact of blind hiring on gender diversity/social mobility in the workplace.

There is no obligation to continue after three months however for those who choose to carry forward can do so on the same terms.

10X Diversity

Programme Timeline

Q1 2020
Launch of 10X Diversity
Q2 2020
10X Diversity Concludes
   Q3 2020
Feedback and Reporting

Changing the way you hire

with blind recruitment.

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