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What is the science behind Blind Hiring?

Blind hiring is a behavioural science tactic used to tackle unconscious bias in the initial stages of the recruitment process. It helps the screening to be bias-free to ensure during the interview stage, you have the best candidates chosen based on skill and talent.

What is a blind cv?

A blind CV conceals the personal identity of the candidate. Its usage in the recruitment process reduces the prevalence of unconscious bias. A typical blind CV redacts name, gender, ethnicity, educational institution and any contents that can reveal the candidate identity.

Why should you invest in Blind Hiring?

A gender diverse organisation is 15% more likely to be successful and an ethnic diverse organisation is 35% more likely to be successful. Blind hiring allows the best candidates to be a part of the recruitment process, paving a way for organisations to be more inclusive and diverse.

Organisations who adopt blind hiring have seen higher retention, staff motivation, better decision making and greater financial outcomes.

What is unconscious bias?

Our background, cultural environment and personal experiences can influence our thought patterns and how we perceive the world. Human beings are wired to develop such perceptions which often play a role in decision making. It is natural to be in that state of mind where conclusions are made in an unconscious manner.

While such unconscious biases can be helpful in navigating everyday life, they can also result in making unfair decisions about others.

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The Evolution of Blind Hiring


The Boston Symphony Orchestra famously trialled blind auditions to reduce gender bias in hiring.


Toronto Symphony Orchestra introduced blind auditions. Applicants were asked to remove shoes & the percentage of women went from 5% to 20%.


Princeton & Harvard University, reported on the impact of 'blind' auditions on female musicians.

30% increase in diversity

Clifford Chance, legal firm giant introduced blind hiring to avoid university bias. A 30% increase in diversity without hampering the quality was reported.


McKinsey & Company reported a correlation between diversity and performance.

The UK Government adopted usage of blind hiring.

FairHire was founded with the vision of helping employers create a level playing field


The Hague, Netherlands announce the roll out of blind hiring..

South Korea began 'blind hiring' for all public jobs.


Nottx becomes FairHire.org, a global brand that stands for creating a level playing field

Racial bias in sectors across the UK, USA and Europe

What % of employees in your sector have unconscious racial bias?*
United Kingdom: 69.5% United States: 67.5% Europe: 76.6%


United Kingdom: 68.7% United States: 66.3% Europe: 70.1%

Health Care

United Kingdom: 67.8% United States: 66.4% Europe: 68.7%


United Kingdom: 70.5% United States: 68.3% Europe: 73%


United Kingdom: 69.3% United States: 71.8% Europe: 72.7%


United Kingdom: 70.6% United States: 71.9% Europe: 74.5%


United Kingdom: 70.5% United States: 70.3% Europe: 74.7%

Food Service

United Kingdom: 69% United States: 67.9% Europe: 70.2%


United Kingdom: 72.5% United States: 64.8% Europe: 69.2%


United Kingdom: 80.8% United States: 68.6% Europe: 69.4%


United Kingdom: 72.5% United States: 64.8% Europe: 69.2%


United Kingdom: 63.2% United States: 65.3% Europe: 69.8%


* Retrieved from bitc.org.uk

Outcomes and

Return on investment



Of professionals are more confident they will be fairly considered knowing that employers use blind recruitment in their selection process.

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Is the average sales revenue for organisations with the most gender diversity in comparison to $45.2 million for organisations with the lowest rates of gender diversity.

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Companies in the top quartile for racial and ethnic diversity are 33% more likely to have financial returns above their respective national industry means.

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