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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Is your organisation committed?

If so, participate in our exclusive Program to study the conditions that enables the success of blind hiring as well as the impact of such practices have on candidates.

Working with the dedicated research center at University of Bocconi viz., Invernizzi center for Research on innovation, organization, strategy and entrepreneurship (ICRIOS) will allow participating organisations to understand and tackle the potential existing biases in their recruitment process. One of the key goals will be to identify barriers that are preventing you from reaching your diversity and inclusion goals.

Based on scientific evidence, the study will propose specific areas of interventions and potential remedies if required.

Carefully architect the Change


and Improve your diversity practices.


what biases influence your recruitment process.


efficient communication strategies to increase diversity in job applications.


a diverse talent pool & workforce within your organisation.

Focus area 1

Assessment of conditions for successful blind hiring practices

Focus area 2

The impact of blind hiring on the pool of candidates


Throughout the initial months FairHire and University of Bocconi ICRIOS Research Center will collaborate with your team to analyse your current recruitment processes and identify specific interests or goals.

Research protocol will be validated and confidentiality agreements will be signed.
During this phase, the participating organisations will initiate end-to-end hiring under the set protocols.

The study will involve performing adjustments to the as-is process and job descriptions on a sub-sample to observe the impacts of these changes on applications and/or recruiter's decisions.
The final phase involves in-depth study of the data points and behavioural patterns which will be shared respectively with participating organisations.

The University will publish an academic paper with key findings without featuring names (organisations or people involved).

See how we can help you drive diversity.

Email askus@fairhire.org for more details.


A steering committee will be formed including representatives from Bocconi University ICRIOS Research Center, FairHire and your organisation.

The Committee will meet regularly (e.g. bi-monthly or quarterly) throughout the duration of the project.

Ethics and treatment of data

Following the best practices in academic research, data will be stored as per General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and in an anonymised manner.

The data is exclusively used for academic research purposes, and the research results will be made public only through academic publications post clearance from participating organisations.


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