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Award-winning Applicant Tracking System

FairHire is an high-end applicant tracking system (ATS) that has a fully-anonymised blind hiring programme and intelligent people analytics backed by behavioural science. Usage of FairHire helps organisations to facilitate best practices while putting in place fair hiring practises in the end-to-end process.

The platform is designed for large enterprises where security, compliance and global distribution is the standard. With attention to user experience and ability to tackle bias, the impact is not only within the organisation but also to the communities in the value chain.

With the ability to process both experienced and graduate level roles, FairHire is positioned as one of the top tier applicant tracking systems in the market and has won awards and plaudits by Global HR Directors and Diversity champions.

2 FairHire Platform features: 1: Powerful Insights: showing stats for gender, ethnicity, disability and sexual orientation. 2: Marketing Manager: Toggle between applicant information and buttons where you can choose to accept, propose a new time or reject candidates.
3 FairHire Platform features: 1: Gender targets: showing the gender goal set for the organisation. 2: Assessment centre: Schedule upcoming interviews through a calendar and view applicant information. 3: Video Interview: A button where you can dial a candidate to conduct video interviews.

Human Resource Experience

HR professionals can expect not only an eye-catching interface, but also tool-sets to be process efficient and manage volumes. The platform comes with unique features like anonymisation and behavioural science toolsets designed to make fair decision making.

In order to provide process efficiency, teams often leverage our features like video interviewing, message channels, interview schedulers and bulk emailers. FairHire is also known to be highly configurable providing organisations to be flexible with processes based on the typology of roles.

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Candidate Experience

Using FairHire, employers are able to provide candidates with a transparent and inclusive process. The application process is made simple and intuitive, and candidates have total control over their data in compliance with the strictest global data privacy regulations (e.g. GDPR).

Candidates who have felt self-excluded from your recruitment process, will be more confident to be re-engaged with the usage of FairHire. They will gain the confidence that they will be hired based on their merits and not excluded because of their race, sex, gender or any other identifiable characteristics.

2 FairHire Platform features: 1: Feedback: Type area where candidates submit feedback to the organisation about their experience. 2: Blind CV: A candidates education background has been anonymised to institute 1 and institute 2 for each university.

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